The Brand

the brand

A Business with History

Innovation and success define the trajectory of …

Innovation and success define the trajectory of Loja do Condomínio which was born in June 2002, with the opening of the first four units.

The rapid expansion of Loja do Condomínio is due, firstly, to the innovation of the idea supported by the strong evidence that the condominium administration is, ever more, an indispensable service in a country where more than two and a half million families live in horizontal property.

Thus, our investment is closely linked to the need to promote in this sector a change that generates confidence.

We wanted to open our doors to the owners, where the information and proximity would be factors of credibility.

Today we are sure to have it accomplished, achieving an exponential notoriety as an international presence.

With a concept where simplicity and objectivity rule, Loja do Condomínio has always tried to provide conditions that make franchisees and owners life easier, bringing them savings, safety, commodity and accessibility.

Last but not least, we also want to note that Loja do Condomínio develops an activity guided by principles of professional ethics, respect for customers and strong and dynamic partnership with franchisees.

Today we are undoubtedly a reference brand in the national franchising.

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A Confidence Commitment

Loja do Condomínio is presently the market leader …

Loja do Condomínio is presently the market leader in condominium management in Portugal. We work with more than 600 professionals which reinforce every day the need of our existence.

An enterprising, dynamic and innovative team that constantly seeks for simple and effective solutions for the apartment owners.

Our stores have a wide variety of services, structured into modular plans that allow response to various needs of our clients

We value the relationship with the apartment owners of the buildings we manage, by providing easy and quick access to all the information about their condominium: either by personal attendance in the stores or by computer, via internet.

With our franchisees, we assumed a commitment of full partnership, either in the engagement that we daily impute to our activity, or in the dedication with which we solve the adversities.

The bond that we establish is continuous, zealous and solid.

Intending, through a convergence of interests and reach of common objectives, the satisfaction of franchisees, clients and employees, our leadership strategy is based on the following factors:

CUSTOMER – Strong orientation and relationship with the customer;

SERVICE – Quality, exactness and innovation – keeping continuously a proactive attitude.

BRAND – Strengthening of the position and image in the marketplace.

Our franchisees are sure to start a business with high potential of clients, having all the technical and human resources to provide a quality service – facts that make them market leaders in the intervention area of their stores.

Excellence Values

We exist to simplify the life of our customers …

We exist to simplify the life of our customers and stepping up the value of its heritage.

We maintain strong relations based on principles that promote confidence, objectivity and quality.

– Commitment;
– Safety;
– Honestly;
– Availability;
– Transparency;
– Rigor.

Pursuing the objective of increasingly providing, an excellent quality service, always privileging the relationship with customers, Loja do Condomínio Company has introduced its own Code of Ethics, as expression of the values that guide the franchising system.

Being a good professional means being ethical, always, because only taking the honesty way, the respect and non-discrimination one can establish a good human relationship.

The tradition continues to be as it was.


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