A healthy environment requires a cleansing that respects the environment and the welfare of the owners. We provide, to the buildings we manage, an exclusive cleansing service.

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This service is based on the knowledge of each condominium needs, as well in the use of the products, as in the criteria and ways of performing the cleaning.

The cleanliness of the condominium is done by qualified employees, following methods and standards set by brand and using selected products. We must take into account the specificity of each kind of material using products in order to clean and disinfect by its bactericidal power, not containing corrosive or abrasive elements while keeping the good appearance of the materials.

In each building will be made a scale of cleaning, always contemplating small details, such as: exterior cleaning of wood doors and staves, mail boxes, ashtrays, ceilings, walls and baseboards, lamps, bell pushes, among others.

The entrance to the building is like the “welcome room” to your home and, being the most used common areas requires proper maintenance.

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