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  Investing in a policy of commercial and technological innovation, the LDC seeks always to be among the frontrunners.

We designed our own computing programme. The system automates many of the administrative tasks. Its functionality rests on the processing of data relating to the updating of all the information about each condominium and also makes the automatic payment of condominium quotas a possibility.

This unique platform allows a large part of the administrative procedures to be centralised thereby reducing the number of staff needed to run each shop.

Support and Training, Always.

We run training courses where theoretical concepts are applied in simulated situations with a view to preparing our franchisees for real-life occurrences.

We teach modules for shop managers and coordinators, commercial consultants, and people responsible for cleaning and maintenance.

In addition to initial training, refresher courses are held whenever necessary in order to standardise and guarantee the level of quality of the services provided by our network.

Daily support is a reality; all our shops can count on continuous consultancy services and support, which are fundamental in any partnership.

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