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the rigour of certified quality

The LDC proud to have completed its annually renewed Franchising System Certification process in April 2005.

We were the first Portuguese franchising brand to have its system certified.

The excellence of our franchise was recognised by the Certification Committee comprising, among other bodies, the Confederation of Portuguese Commerce (Confederação do Comércio Português), APMEI, and the General-Directorate for Commerce and Competition (Direcção Geral do Comércio e Concorrência), and was ratified by the Portuguese Institute for Quality.

The Certification Committee carries out a scrupulous annual audit on such aspects as rigour in the franchise’s internal organisation, the franchise contract, assessment and treatment of applications, initial and continuing franchisee training, support prior to and after business opening, the corporate image and the network’s strategy, among others.

Certification encourages trust not only in the relationship between franchisor and franchisee but also in the eyes of the end customer.

This certification places the LDC in the vanguard of Portuguese franchising and constitutes, for both current and future franchisees, a guarantee that the brand and network are governed in accordance with the strictest standards, complying with all the requirements and criteria of the European Deontology Code for Franchising.

All details are studied in depth. We work to strict parameters of excellence in the provision of services, guaranteeing our clients satisfaction and motivation to be a part of our brand’s success and leadership.

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