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  A highly successful track record is how the LDC ’s trajectory can be described: it was born in Portugal in June 2002 with the opening of the first four shops. In 2007, it expanded into Spain and today is present in over 130 locations throughout the Iberian Peninsula and Brazil.

Our network’s rapid expansion is due, in the first instance, to the innovative quality of the idea, sustained by clear evidence that condominium management is increasingly an essential service in a market where millions of families live in accommodation classed as horizontal property.

Our investment is therefore closely linked with the need to promote a trustworthy change in this sector.

We wanted to open our doors to the joint-owners, to work in a partnership where information and ease of approach would be factors of credibility.

Today we know we’ve been successful.

The LDC continues to expand and the brand’s reputation has grown exponentially since its inception.

Working with a concept where simplicity and objectivity are the order of the day, the LDC has always sought to offer conditions that make life easier for franchisees and joint-owners alike, helping them save money and conferring security, commodity and accessibility.

Last but not least, we would also like to stress that the business activities of the LDC follow guidelines of professional ethics, respect for its clients and a strong, dynamic partnership with its franchisees. Today, there is no doubt that we are a benchmark brand in franchising.

Welcome to the LDC.


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