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a commitment of trust
  The LDC is currently the market leader in condominium management in Spain and Portugal. We work with over 400 professionals who, on a day-to-day basis, emphasise the need for our existence.

Ours is an enterprising, dynamic and innovative team that is constantly on the lookout for simple and efficient solutions for our joint-owners.

We offer a wide range of services, structured in modular plans that allow us to meet our joint-owners’ widest possible range of needs.

One of our priorities is to encourage contact with the joint-owners of the properties we manage, giving them fast and easy access to all they need to know about their property, whether in person in one of our shops or online via internet.Where our franchisees are concerned, we undertake a commitment of full partnership, both in the day-to-day running of our business activities and in our efforts to resolve any problems.

The relationship between us is ongoing, zealous and solid.

Since our goal is the satisfaction of Franchisees, Clients and Colleagues, through mutual interest and the achievement of common objectives, our leadership strategy is based on the following factors:

CLIENT – Strong customer-orientated relationship;

SERVICE – Quality, Rigour and Innovation – maintaining an ongoing, proactive attitude;

BRAND – Strengthening of brand positioning and image on the market.

Our franchisees can be sure they are setting up a business with a high customer potential and that they will have all the technical and human means at their disposal to be able to provide a quality service – a fact that will make them market leaders in the geographical area covered by their shops.

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